Image of block-typography



graphic design

BLOCK is an experimental type inspired by the raised dots from the interlocking plastic bricks, or toy bricks LEGO that we may recognise in the childhood. Lego is one of the most entertaining toys in my childhood that I could assemble various pieces of it to form a new object, shape, sculpture or simply have fun to turn imagination into the reality. For example, I use the LEGO pieces to form a vocabulary. I can also disassemble them to it’s original state of single bricks.

The type design is based on an individual vector-graphical square; with four raised dots, each uppercase alphabets are formed by duplicating the squares, presenting a solid black, accompanied by white dots in a modern, simple and abstracting design. This type is also reflecting and reminding how the LEGO toys are suitable for any age to play, entertain and experiment.

Image 1 of BLOCK
Image 2 of BLOCK

Final design and artist statement

Sample sentence