Image of bubbicles




Animation Duration: 01:36:00

Bubbicles is a collaborative architectural projection mapping work, with Yiming (Frank) Chen, Harriet Clapham & Lisa Dwyer. The work was projected on the C-Block of UNSW Art & Design Campus, as part of the final project of an undergraduate elective course - SOMA2416 Video Mapping into Sculptural Objects and 3D Spaces.

Reflecting on childhood fun, an adult attempts to escape reality for a fleeting moment by blowing a bubble. The concept plays out as a video projection of the adult creating a large bubble, which is pulled across the C-Block Fa├žade, on closer inspection, the bubble is made of unpredictable particles, which break away and allude to the unstable state of the world. The video transitions from realistic imagery to highly stylized abstract forms.