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Sunswift Events Motion Infographic



I have created 3 motion design based on the supplied graphics of UNSW Sunswift’s attempted events’ map and route map for the UNSW Solar Racing Team Sunswift’s website event page, this includes:

  • LSR 2014 - Land Speed Record Attempt 2014
  • TCR 2018 - Guinness World Record Attempt “The Lowest Energy Consumption Driving Trans-Australia (Perth to Sydney) - Electric Car
  • BWSC 2019 - Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2019

The animations displays the route or location of a competition or attempt.

  • The route includes major locations are popped out with circle dots
  • A location is shown as an animating dot.

The animations are converted to website version for the highest resolution.


FIA Land Speed Record Attempt (2014)

Guinness World Record Attempt for the lowest energy consumption trans-Australia (Perth - Sydney) - electric car (2018)

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (Map information is based on the 2017 Competition)

More about the project

About Sunswift

Sunswift is a UNSW student project, within the UNSW Engineering Faculty. comprised of 40+ undergraduate students who believe in pushing the limits of technology to inspire sustainable action. The team designs, built and race a solar-electric car for the biannual Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Visit Sunswift Website

About the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is a biannual event, it is aimed to promote innovating technology and challenge solar car teams comprised by tertiary and secondary students worldwide, to travel a vehicle powered only by the energy of the sun, for over 3000km from Darwin in Northern Territory to Adelaide in South Australia

Visit World Solar Challenge Website