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SYNERGY is a collaborating interactive light installation for the Vivid Sydney light festival 2018.


3.9m∅ X 3m(H) Plywood Framed Tree Structure, 1m∅ X 0.5m(H) Acrylic Fern


CREATE NSW Inc.: Junji Moey / Tsz Kin Liu / Jane Fan / Jonathan Hribar / Christie Wong


Jeremy Low / Jason Chu / Emily Chan / Yuen Chan / Andy Zheng / MAKE Club UNSW / Anthony Feizi-Sobbi / Dylan Goh / Mahima Mandal / Kevin Yu

Artwork Description

Synergy is a collaborative light installation completed by members of UNSW student-led societies CREATE (Main Campus) & MAKE CLUB (UNSW Art & Design) for the Vivid Sydney 2018. It presents a pretty tableau from nature - a large plywood tree surrounded by ferns. This deceptively simple scene however, represents the interlinked mechanisms of a super-organism. In these complex beings, inconspicuous organisms demonstrate emergent properties by sharing signals and nutrients for the greater good of the collective. In Synergy, this survival mechanism is demonstrated by the illumination of the ferns which are triggered by the passage of visitors along the path.

The Artwork

The timelapse is captured on the opening night on 25 May 2018.

More info

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Destination NSW, AGB Events, Event Engineering, UNSW Faculty of Engineering, UNSW Faculty of Built Environment, UNSW Faculty of Art & Design, Michael Crouch Innovation Centre, Arc at UNSW